MegaGroup buys British plastic piping experts Plimat and EPCO

MegaGroup has completed the take-over of the British plastic piping experts Plimat and EPCO, with their offices and warehouses in Southampton and Leeds. The take-over fits the ambition of the Group wanting to become a top-5 player in all their core-sectors in Northern Europe and the strategy of acquiring leading companies in the market to achieve that. With this take-over MegaGroup grows their position in the British plastic piping market significantly.

Accelerate growth in the UK
Bernard Verburg, CEO MegaGroup: “We continuously invest in new products, services and in knowledge. This has resulted in some encouraging growth results for MegaGroup over the past years. In order to accelerate our growth in the UK, we have partnered up with two leading wholesalers in plastic piping, Plimat and EPCO. Together with our local company Bosta UK Ltd. we can really add value for all our customers, offering them a wider range of products and extended ordering options”. Plimat and EPCO will keep their own name and will service their customers in the same way their customers are used of them, from their local warehouses.

About Plimat UK
With their office and warehouse in Southampton, Southern England, Plimat UK was established by David Carr in 2007 as an independent UK distributor of U-PVC & ABS plastic piping systems. An important part of its range consists of Plimat PVC-U fittings and ABS fittings produced by Plimat Portugal, which is also an important supplier to MegaGroup. Steve Davies, Managing Director of Plimat UK: “Plimat UK is serving similar customer segments as MegaGroup in PVC-U Pipe Systems, notably through, Industrial Distributors, OEMs and Pool & Spa Markets in the UK and Ireland. By joining MegaGroup we feel we can develop our company further and offer our customers a wider range of products and new opportunities”. Plimat UK also has a market leading position in the growing market of fire detection, supplying well-known international companies.


About EPCO Plastics Ltd.
With their office and warehouse in Leeds, Northern England, EPCO was established by Chris Knowles in 1994 as a distributor of PVC and ABS piping solutions with a specialisation in larger size fittings and pipes. EPCO serves customers in MegaGroup’s core segments: industrial distributors and OEMs in sectors Piping Systems, Pool and Aquaculture. EPCO’s customers are mostly based in the middle and northern part of the UK. “Joining the MegaGroup family of companies is excellent news not only for us as a business but also for our customers. Now being part of an organisation at the forefront of modern sales technology will accelerate EPCO’s business ambitions and those of our employees. Our range will increase over time giving our customers a bigger and better quality product offering to choose from, whilst still maintaining our core belief that we are the best at what we do. EPCO synonymous with quality”, says Chris Knowles, Managing Director of EPCO.