Cookie statement

Here you can find out more about what cookies are and what cookies our website uses.

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded to the hard disk of the devices you use to access our content. These cookies do not damage your computer or the files stored on it. We use cookies to collect information from the devices you use to access MegaGroup content, products and services. We use this information to understand how our website is used by visitors and to optimise our services. With the help of analytical cookies, we also like to keep track of which websites, information and links are popular when our customers browse our websites. These cookies are controlled by third parties.

MegaGroup uses various cookies to make the website function, to analyze the website to improve the service, or for marketing purposes. Below is a description of which cookies are used.

Necessary cookies

These functional cookies are necessary for a website to work properly. With these cookies it is not required to ask the website visitors for permission first.

Analytical cookies

These cookies collect (often anonymously) data and statistics to understand how visitors use the website, so that the website can be improved.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors (tracking cookies), so that, for example, advertisements that are displayed can be more relevant to the individual visitor. These cookies can only be placed after the website visitor has given permission.

Below is a list of the purposes for which our cookies are used:

  • The number of visitors to our page;
  • The hours that visitors spend on our website;
  • The order in which a visitor browses through the various pages of our website;
  • Optimisation of the website;
  • Assessing which parts of our website need to be adjusted;
  • Reading your browser settings in order to optimise the functionality of the website and its information;
  • Remembering your preferences and settings such as location, etc.;
  • Transferring information from one page to another so that you do not have to enter the same information every time;
  • Loading the websites evenly so that they remain accessible;
  • Enabling you to interact with our websites.

Retention period of cookies and data management

The length of time we use cookies to store your information varies. The maximum retention period is two years from your last visit to the website. All cookies can be deleted from your browser settings at any time.

As a data subject of Mega group and/or its different allied websites, you have the right to request all the personal data which we hold of you. For an overview hereof you can simply send an email to If you find there to be incorrect information contained of you by us, then we will update this as soon as we receive notice from you. You can also request your data to be removed from our customer database by sending an email to

Types of cookies

Session / Functional cookies

These cookies are needed for our website to function properly and to store user activity. These cookies contain a different, temporary number each time the website is visited. The session / functional cookies are stored in the temporary memory of the mobile device and deleted after the browser is closed by the website visitor. No personal data are processed by these cookies.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is used to gain better insight into the functioning of our website. These cookies collect information about how website visitors use our site, for example which pages are visited most often and how links are clicked through. These cookies are combined with information from other website visitors on an anonymous basis. This allows us to obtain analytical information about the functioning of our website and how we can improve it.

Please note: Google may combine the information from these cookies with previously collected data from analytical cookies from your browser. In this case, these cookies become tracking cookies. More information on Google Analytics can be found at

Authentication cookies

These cookies contain an encrypted identifier for the webshop. The retention period of these cookies depends on your settings. If you have chosen to be remembered when you log in, these cookies will be stored in your browser for 30 days. If you have not chosen this option, these cookies will be deleted as soon as you close your browser.

Anti-forgery cookies

These cookies are used to prevent a CSFR (cross-site request forgery) attack. It ensures that the user is the one who requested the page form in the first place. It prevents someone from forging a link and having it activated by an authenticated user. These cookies are deleted as soon as you close the browser.

Basket cookies

These cookies contain an encrypted anonymous identifier of your basket. These cookies are stored in your browser for three days.

Last-viewed products cookies

These cookies are used to store information about the last viewed product and are used at the bottom of the webpage of a product and on the webpage with an overview of all products on our website. These cookies are deleted when you close the web page.