We bring water to life
and we constantly improve the lives of people all over the world

Our mission and vision

We believe in making water solutions accessible to improve the lives of people. It is our mission to enable sustainable growth for our customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders by making water solutions available in smart, convenient and efficient way.

We want to be the number one 1 partner of the 1st alternative in the market sectors where we can contribute to the global grand challenges in water: irrigation, swimming pools, geo applications and animal care.

Challenges in water

We’re a company of 225 people and between us we’re powered by curiosity and united by blue blood. We believe everyone thrives on a healthy planet and it is therefore our mission to make water solutions accessible to improve the lives of people. We are a company where everyone has an opportunity to play an important role and be successful as we strive to affirm our position as a leading partner or 1st alternative to those to answer the grand challenges in water.

Open to unexpected partnerships

This mission is taking us on a journey of innovation, changing business models, materials and processes. Our code to achieve rests on 5 pillars. We engage meaningfully, whether amongst colleagues, with customers or our suppliers to understand each other’s needs. We remain continuously curious and strive to find cool, clever and utile innovations. We excel in what we do by sharing our knowledge with a purpose to bring water to life. We dare to be different and are open to unexpected partnerships with those that share our blue blood and with whom we can amplify the results of our efforts.