By offering sustainable water solutions

Our mission and vision

We believe in making water solutions accessible to improve the lives of people. It is our mission to enable sustainable growth for our customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders by making water solutions available in smart, convenient and efficient way.

Our purpose

Our purpose of Bringing Water to Life steers our behaviour, choices and actions. We want to help creating a world with enough water for all. Our ambition is to be the leading one-stop-shop supplier in water technics. The heart of MegaGroup is formed by its people. The diverseness, willingness to learn and experiment and above all, to succeed, makes MegaGroup a unique company.

Our ambition

We want to be preferred partner for installers, OEM’s, resellers and professional end-users in water technics. We make buying simple, personal and transparent. We were committed to help our customers save time, money and ultimately water. This ambition is taking us on a journey of innovation, changing business models, materials and processes. We excel in what we do by sharing our knowledge with a purpose to bring water to life. We dare to be different and are open to unexpected partnerships with those that share our blue blood and with whom we can amplify the results of our efforts.