together we unchain our potential

Our Strategy

Our strategy is named ‘UNCHAINED’ for three reasons. First, we want to lead the shortening of the value chain, by breaking it and shifting our focus to the end-users of our products. Second, we want to unchain the talent and passion we have as the Group and as individuals. And last but not least, we want to break the confrontational chain of those who do not have access to water with diseases, mortality and a lost future as a consequence.

Our aim
At the heart of our strategy are our purpose and our culture. It’s MegaGroup’s aim to provide our customers with an easy, personal and transparent multichannel experience. Next to that our ambition is to become a leading Northern-European player. We keep our course to be the knowledge partner for our customers, supporting him with advice and service.

We emphasise sustainability as our license to operate. Corporate social responsibility impacts all facets of the company: employees, our governance and compliance right through to the value chain. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to support social goals such as WaterStarters.

Sector markets
We have also sharpened our sector focus. Our arenas are: irrigation, swimming pool, livestock, building services and industry. We believe we can also become a strong player here by expanding our product portfolio. We are building an efficient platform which will allow us to scale. That’s how we bring water to life!

5 Strategic themes
Our strategy is based on five strategic themes, which all contribute to the goal to make buying for our customers simple, personal, and transparent:
1. Sustainable organisation
2. Customer centricity
3. Digitalisation
4. Distinct market positions
5. Full service