MegaGroup buys assets of irrigation specialist Walter Müller in Germany

MegaGroup Trade Holding has taken over the customer database, name and an employee of Walter Müller GmbH in Germany. Walter Müller is a specialist in garden and landscaping irrigation and filed for bankruptcy due to liquidity problems. The take-over fits MegaGroup’s strategy to grow both organically and through selective acquisition.

Growth; organically and through selective acquisition
MegaGroup has significant growth aspirations, both organically and through selective acquisition. This involves closely assessing whether a company suits MegaGroup’s vision and strategy. This is certainly the case for Walter Müller: the asset deal strengthens the Group’s position in one of its core markets and Müller’s product range matches to a large extent MegaGroup’s.  “We feel this is an excellent opportunity to gain market share, knowledge and experience in a very relevant sector for MegaGroup: irrigation,” explains Bernard Verburg, CEO of MegaGroup.

Walter Müller customers can now buy (online) from Bevo
The customers are informed, and the website of Walter Müller will be redirected to Bevo Germany (, as well as the telephone and fax lines. From now on all Walter Müller customers can order their products at Bevo, also online. Their trusted contact person will stay the same as he transfers to Bevo. There is substantial overlap in product ranges, and where the range of Walter Müller is deeper, new products will be sourced and offered to the customers. The Walter Müller name will no longer be used, and the local warehouse will be closed. All logistics will be integrated in Bevo, and the customers will receive their products directly from the European Distribution Center of Bevo/MegaGroup.

About Walter Müller
Walter Müller delivered complete solutions and installations in irrigation technology in the home garden, parking areas, sports and green areas as well as communal and agricultural areas.