World Water Day 2024: Water for Peace

World Water Day (March 22) is an annual initiative established by the United Nations since 1993 to reflect on one of the most crucial resources on our planet: Water. Today marks an important occasion to raise awareness of the urgent challenges in water management and access to safe drinking water.

In 2024, the theme of World Water Day is “Water for Peace”. It is imperative for us to also contemplate the devastating consequences water conflicts can yield.

Public health, prosperity, food and energy systems, economic productivity, and environmental integrity all heavily rely on a well-functioning and fairly managed water cycle. It is crucial that we acknowledge water not merely as a resource for use and competition, but as a fundamental human right inherent to all aspects of life.

How do our companies contribute to the water cycle?

As a leading provider of water technology, we understand the urgency of sustainable water usage. Our group companies’ products are designed to increase water productivity, not only contributing to resilience against climate change but also aiding in long-term food security, for example.

With a proven track record in delivering reliable water solutions, we remain committed to a sustainable future where water is a precious and well-managed resource for all aspects of the water cycle.

How do our products contribute to the water cycle?

Rainwater harvesting systems offer significant benefits by reducing the use of precious drinking water. By utilising rainwater for such purposes as watering gardens, we can significantly decrease our water consumption while simultaneously conserving the environment.

Our companies also offer a range of drip hoses and drip tapes, ensuring less water usage due to minimised evaporation and targeted irrigation in intended areas.

With regulation equipment, you can irrigate at the right time when there’s less evaporation. When combined with sensors, you irrigate only when necessary. The soil moisture sensor notifies you via an alarm when to start and stop irrigating.

In the swimming pool industry, we also focus on more sustainable products such as pumps and filters that minimise water and energy consumption as well as the use of chemicals. Heat pump inverters can adjust their power according to the ambient temperature and desired pool temperature to limit energy consumption.

By collaborating with us and embracing more sustainable water technologies, everyone can contribute and help to create a more resilient and sustainable future.

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