Effective and efficient piping
for industrial or office buildings and for housing

All at one place: efficient and effective

The assortment of building services of MegaGroup provides sewage piping in KOMO approved PVC and PP for inhouse and outside installation. A complete rainwater gutter and piping system is available to complete all building projects. MegaGroup can also provide pressure piping with Kiwa approval for drinking water. Of course the glues and cleaners to secure the installation is taken care of in familiar brands such as Tangit, Griffon and Saba, as well as our cost efficient Profec brand.

For floor heating and regular heating MegaGroup has a range of PERT, AluPex and copper piping. Of course a full range of couplings, fittings and valves.

Other examples of product ranges for buidling services are: watermeters, hoses & Couplings, threaded fittings and valves in Brass, Bronze and Stainless Steel, check valves and pressure reducers and cast Iron valves and fittings.