MegaGroup takes over irrigation wholesaler Grün & Gut in Germany

As of the 1st of January 2019, MegaGroup has taken over Grün & Gut GbR in Bingen, Germany. Grün & Gut is an irrigation wholesaler, serving installers and professional end users. The take-over fits in the MegaGroup’s strategy to grow both organically and through selective acquisition.

Growth; organically and through selective acquisition

MegaGroup has significant growth aspirations, both organically and through selective acquisition. This involves closely assessing whether a company suits MegaGroup’s vision and strategy. This is certainly the case for Grün & Gut: the deal strengthens the Group’s position in one of its core markets and Grün & Gut’s product range matches to a large extent MegaGroup’s. The company was already a customer of Bevo, a German subsidiary MegaGroup. “Mohammed and Ali Zaim have built Grün & Gut to a well-known, reliable partner for German irrigation professionals and were looking for a partner to realise their future ambitions. We feel that the combination of the Grün & Gut expertise with the commercial and logistical strength of MegaGroup is an excellent opportunity to gain market share effectively in relevant segments; a chance we could not let go by”, explains Bernard Verburg, CEO of MegaGroup.

Grün & Gut customers can also buy online

All Grün & Gut customers can already order their products online, but soon the webshop will be transferred to the MegaGroup platform. It will be renewed and professionalised matching the pillars of the MegaGroup strategy: ordering must be convenient, smart and efficient.

The trade name Grün & Gut will be continued in the market and customers will continue to get the expert service and advice from Mohamed and Ali Zaim. The order fulfilment will be done through Bevo/MegaGroup.

About Grün & Gut

Grün & Gut is a leading specialist wholesaler in irrigation systems in Germany and Austria. The company is founded by Mohamed and Ali Zaim in 2012 and is known for its solution selling and advice. The customer group consists out of irrigation installers, growers of crops and orchards and professional end-users. For more information visit www.grü