MegaGroup again rewarded as ‘Best Employer’

Every year MegaGroup performs an employee satisfaction survey among the employees of MegaGroup Holding and Bosta Holland. Also this year the results are positive and MegaGroup is rewarded with the ‘Best Employer’ certificate.

MegaGroup is very interested in the level of satisfaction of their employees and what improvements can be made to insure and improve the satisfaction. After all, employees who feel good about their job perform better, help customers better and help MegaGroup to grow. That is why MegaGroup performs employee satisfaction surveys every year.

MegaGroup scores above branch average

The results are very positive. According to the employee’s evaluation, MegaGroup scores above branch average of ‘trade’ and is therefore rewarded with the certificate ‘Best Employer 2018/2019’.

CEO Bernard Verburg: “We are very proud of this result and it underlines the kind of organization it wants to be: a flat organization with flexibility, challenges and responsibility for the employees, in which personal contact and an informal working atmosphere are important elements”.

MegaGroup will keep on implementing improvement projects to keep the employee satisfaction on a high level.