Corporate Social Responsibility at MegaGroup

Worldwide, the supply of freshwater is declining, while the demand for it is rising significantly. Scientists predict that freshwater scarcity will pose one of the greatest threats to global security and peace in the next decade. Action from the government and the business community will be essential to prevent major problems.

MegaGroup has been active in the water technology sector for years and attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Curious about what Megagroup is doing with regard to these important matters? Marijke Ernest, WaterStarters Project Officer and Sustainability Coordinator, deals with CSR on a daily basis at MegaGroup and is happy to tell you more.

What is MegaGroup doing to become a more sustainable company?

“In November last year, we started developing the CSR strategy. The associated International CSR Team started in January, forming a general policy.” In order to get a clear and measurable picture of the effects of MegaGroup’s future plans, the current situation with regard to CSR is first mapped out. This will be done on the basis of three pillars: environment, social and government & culture.

CSR environment    CSR social    CSR governance

What do these three pillars mean?

“In the environment pillar, we are going to map out subjects such as the CO2 footprint. First we will determine the internal situation – think of electricity consumption, commuting and other internal processes. Then we will look at the footprint of the supply chain and the possibilities to reduce waste. For now, the social pillar focuses on the Waterstarters Foundation (the social enterprise of Megagroup and Amref Health Africa) and the employees. Governance & culture is about raising awareness and educating employees so that they can integrate the CSR principles into their daily work.

What happens after this baseline is established?

“When it is clear where our strengths and weaknesses lie, we will determine the focus for our initiatives with the management. The goal is to make MegaGroup’s core more sustainable. Internal awareness is essential. In addition, we will have to make future-oriented choices in collaboration with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.”

How do you think the future MegaGroup would ideally contribute to a sustainable world?

“It would be great if we could adapt certain products to increase water and energy efficiency. Think of energy efficient heat pumps and water efficient driplines. We will also have to enter into discussions with suppliers to adapt the products with a view to circularity.

Would you like to know more about sustainability at Megagroup?

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