CSR (Aeternum) week at MegaGroup

MegaGroup is at the heart of society and is strongly aware of our social responsibility. We take our responsibility by doing business in a sustainable way, both within the organisation and working with our customers and suppliers. For this to happen, employees within the organisation must also be aware of their responsibility in this. Therefore, MegaGroup organised an CSR (Aeternum) week in the week from 19 to 23 September. During this week, the theme was waste.

Why this week? 
On 17 September, it was World Cleanup Day; the world’s biggest annual cleanup campaign. Meanwhile, 180 countries participate.

What did MegaGroup do?
Every day was dedicated to waste. On Monday, employees at all MegaGroup locations in the countries were given a DOPPER so that the number of disposable cups and/or single-used plastic bottles can be reduced. On Tuesday and Thursday, colleagues went out to pick litter off the streets. A prize promotion generated a lot of enthusiasm and fun photos and videos. During this week, workplaces and the warehouses were taken care of and litter bins to separate waste were placed. Finally, employees were given more (other) tips to work sustainably. For example: print less/not print, cycle to work, turn off air conditioning/lights when leaving the meeting room, etc.

Aeternum week every six months
To continue encouraging employees to be sustainable, MegaGroup organises an Aeternum week every six months. The Aeternum week in March/April is dedicated to health & wellbeing.